Biomed shift takeover phone conference

Date: March 17th 2014, by mail


  • Arad Alper (IsraGrid)
  • Jerome Pansanel (CNRS IPHC)
  • Sornia Pop (CNRS Creatis)

Next conference: March 24th 2014, 10h00.

Remind about best practices:

  • Start by following up on open tickets and verifying solved tickets, before submitting new ones.
  • Before submitting a ticket verify that:
    • Another ticket does not already exist for the same problem
    • The resource is not in downtime and is in production status ⇒ you can use the brand new VAPOR portal to do so
    • The alarm can be reproduced manually
  • For CEs: ignore the alarms in the cases described here.

The week was uneventful.

Three tickets have been open. Two of them are solved.

Few reminders have been issued on the open tickets.

The partial fix that Frank made to the GGUS problem did make the job easier.

Nothing to report.

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