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 +===== Ticket template for admin notification of full SE =====
 +(red items must to be customized)
 +<callout title="​Subject">​
 +SE <text type="​danger">​SE hostname</​text>​ full for the biomed VO
 +<callout title="​Body">​
 +Dear administrator,​
 +SE <text type="​danger">​se.hostname</​text>​ is full for biomed VO users. However, according to our LFC, biomed uses only <text type="​danger">​Y GB</​text>​ out of <text type="​danger">​Y TB</​text>​.
 +If the SE is shared with other VOs, could you please let them know and ask them to clean-up their unneeded files.
 +It can also happen that some files be stored on a SE without being registered in our LFC (we call them "​zombie"​ files, aka. "dark data"​). To check that issue, could you please let us know - with your SE tools - the space used by biomed users. In case this is very different from what is registered in the LFC, please provide us with the list of files (SFN, creation date, LFN if possible, owner DN if known).
 +Thanks in advance,
 +The biomed technical team.
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