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scan-se is a set of scripts that monitors the free space of SEs supporting a given VO. For all SEs with more than a given rate of space used (e.g. 95%), it runs the LFCBrowseSE tool to collect the heavy VO users who have more than a given amount of data (e.g. 100 MB) on that SE, then produces the list of DNs, used space, and email addresses of those users.

Install & configuration

Download the project from the VO support tools page.

Define variable VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS to like:

export VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS=/home/fmichel/biomed-support-tools

The tool can be executed on any well configured gLite UI, it requires a valid proxy certificate.


See the documentation on Githug.


This tool is developed at CNRS I3S.


</code> ./ –vo myVo –threshold 90

  1. -voms-users /tmp/myVo/monitor-se/voms-users.txt“
  2. -work-dir /tmp/myVo/monitor-se”
  3. -result-dir $HOME/public_html/myVo/monitor-se'


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