Coordination of the support team and activity

Update the schedule of coming shifts following the order of participants. The schedule should always be at least one month ahead of the current date.

Email the list biomed-technical-support [AT] googlegroups [DOT] com to inform shifters of the update, ask them to review the schedule and report any conflict with their own constraints.

Periodically look at accounting data from, and invite the most active users to be part of the technical teams.

Team members must be added to group “/biomed/team”. Due to some bug, the VOMS GUI does not allow for this to be done (add to group button not clickable). But this can be done easily from a UI by a VO administrator using the following commands:
voms-admin --vo=$VO --host $VOMS_HOST --port $VOMS_PORT --nousercert add-member /biomed/team "DN of the team member" "DN of the CA that signed the member's certificate"

Here are some guidelines for the management of the takeover conference:

  • The working day before the takeover conference, email members of relaying teams to recall the date and time of the conference (email personal address).
  • At the end of the conference, plan and update the date and time of the next conference.
  • After the conference, write the Minutes of Meeting and email list biomed-technical-support[AT]googlegroups[DOT]com to give the link to the MoM.

During the conference:

  1. General information:
    • Provide shifters with updates on recent changes: updates of the wiki, the procedures, the tools to use, etc. Remind this information until all shifters have heard about it at least once.
    • Always <u>remind major best practises</u>, as the experience shows that people have a tendency to forget from one shift to another: follow-up on existing tickets first, reasons to not submit a ticket…
  2. Report of the last team on duty:
    • Not all individual tickets should be reviewed, but it is good to have an idea of the activity (number of tickets submitted and closed).
    • Most salient facts and tickets should be reviewed: ongoing procedures like decommissionings or full SEs, discuss future actions on tricky tickets, plan decommissioings, etc.

VO Managers treat requests to join the VO (notifications are sent to the administrators list), and update the biomed users mailing lists accordingly.

Update the members of Google groups biomed-technical-shifts and biomed-issues-followup when shifters join or leave the team.

Decommissionings are announced via EGI broadcasts to the VO managers lists. Occasionally, some administrators also contact us through the VO Support list.

In both case, when the decommissioning concerns an SE, the specific decommissioning procedure must be applied ⇒ VO managers must contact the team on duty to initiate the procedure, or add this to the next takeover conference agenda.

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