• SE decommissioning should be announced by site admins through a ticket assigned to Biomed VO support. It should clearly state the expected decommissioning date.
  • Actions on VO admins: send a mail to

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Dear Biomed users,

we've received notice that the SE SEName (hosted by site SSS), which is used by Biomed, will be decommissioned on date.

This is tracked through the following ticket: GGUS link

If you have files on this SE, please consider checking quickly whether they have replicas somewhere else, or whether you should get/replicate them to avoid any data loss.

You can find relevant LFNs using dirac-dms-find-lfns –SE=[SE name] Path=/ then dirac-dms-replica-metadata fileContainingLFNs SE should return available replicas of individual files.

Kind Regards Name for Biomed support

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SE_hostname decommissioning - forbid write access for biomed users


Dear site admin,

The storage element SE_hostname is going to be decommissioned. As it supports VO biomed, we will contact biomed users to let them migrate their files. Meanwhile, can you please forbid lcg-cr writes from now on to make sure no new file will be created.

Thank you for your support,
The biomed support team on duty.

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