Welcome to the Biomed support team wiki pages. These pages are dedicated to the Biomed technical support team. They provide organisational information as to duty shifts, and technical information about common support tasks as well as best practices.

Oct. 2021: The new biomed ARGO instance is available here :

Former news.

See this wiki page.

Mailing list: biomed-technical-support [no spam-AT] googlegroups [no spam-DOT] com

The participants are listed in the order of the shifts:

  • CNRS-IPHC, FR (Jérôme Pansanel)
  • CNRS-Creatis, FR (Sorina Pop)
  • BME-IIT, HU (Ákos Szlavecz, backup: Gábor Hesz)

Past (teams that contributed in the past, but had to leave us)

  • INSERM, FR (Gilles Mathieu)
  • CNRS-I3S, FR (Franck Michel)
  • CNRS-IPHC, FR (Patrick Guterl)
  • CNRS-Creatis, FR (Tristan Glatard)
  • CNRS-LPC, FR (Paul de Vlieger)
  • CNRS-ISC-PIF, FR (Romain Reuillon)
  • INFN-BA, Libi, Bari, IT (Giacinto Donvito)
  • IsraGrid (Arad Alper)
  • UPV, ES (Abel Antonio Carrión)
  • IFI - Institut de la Francophonie pour l'Informatique, VN (Bui The Quang)

Start date End date Team on duty
06-11-2023 17-11-2023 IPHC
20-11-2023 01-12-2023 INSERM
04-12-2023 15-12-2023 CREATIS
18-12-2023 29-12-2023 BME-IIT
01-01-2024 12-01-2024 IPHC
15-01-2024 26-01-2024 CREATIS
29-01-2024 09-02-2024 BME-IIT
12-02-2024 23-02-2024 IPHC
26-02-2024 08-03-2024 CREATIS
11-03-2024 22-03-2024 BME-IIT
26-03-2024 05-04-2024 IPHC
08-04-2024 19-04-2024 CREATIS
22-04-2024 03-05-2024 BME-IIT
06-05-2024 17-05-2024 IPHC
21-05-2024 31-05-2024 CREATIS
03-06-2024 14-06-2024 BME-IIT
17-06-2024 28-06-2024 IPHC
01-07-2024 12-07-2024 CREATIS
15-07-2024 26-07-2024 BME-IIT
19-07-2024 09-08-2024 IPHC
12-08-2024 23-08-2024 CREATIS
26-08-2024 06-09-2024 BME-IIT
09-09-2024 20-09-2024 IPHC
23-09-2024 04-10-2024 CREATIS
07-10-2024 18-10-2024 BME-IIT
21-10-2024 01-11-2024 IPHC
04-11-2024 15-11-2024 CREATIS
18-11-2024 29-11-2024 BME-IIT
02-12-2024 13-12-2024 IPHC
16-12-2024 27-12-2024 CREATIS
30-12-2024 10-01-2025 BME-IIT


See the past schedule.

Minutes of the shift take-over conferences.

When a SE is to planned for decommissioning, launch the specific SE decommissioning procedure.

The following monitoring tools are currently under development / being tested. They could be used to give information on the VO status but they can't be assumed 100% reliable now. In any case problems should be reproduced manually before a GGUS ticket is submitted.

Note: ARGO probes are launched using a robot certificate that requires to be a Biomed member. We need to check regularly that membership has not expired, and in case it has, sign Biomed AUP in the name of the user (this is possible as VOMS admin) on (last renewed early March 2020)

The VAPOR provides several operations features related to the monitoring of computing and storage resources (status of biomed Resources, unavailable and faulty resources, etc.). It is complementary of Nagios.

This list is consolidated from 2 sources:

  • the GOCDB provides status downtime, not in production and not monitored, as well as site uncertified,
  • the BDII provides status draining, closed, unknown….

Make sure the lcg-infosites tool that is used to query the BDII has version > 2.6.9, that comes with gLite 3.2.
Use command: rpm -qa | grep infosites

For Biomed it is advised to refer to the top BDII in IN2P3
The script below may help you detect inconsistencies between top BDIIs:

# This script compares the list of BIOMED SEs returned by 2 top BDIIs: CERN and IN2P3
lcg-infosites --vo biomed --is se | cut -f2 | sort > /tmp/list_se_bdi_in2p3
lcg-infosites --vo biomed --is se | cut -f2 | sort > /tmp/list_se_bdi_cern
diff /tmp/list_se_bdi_in2p3 /tmp/list_se_bdi_cern</tt>

Older documentation (deprecated) is available here Previous Monitoring Tools

Team coordination usual tasks: this page describes the coordination of the support team and the VO management tasks.

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