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 =====  Procedure for SE decommissioning ​ ===== =====  Procedure for SE decommissioning ​ =====
-  *  ​Submit ​GGUS [[biomed-shifts:​practices#​during_ticket_submission|team ​ticket]] and assign it to VOSupport. +  *  ​SE decommissioning should be announced by site admins through ​a ticket ​assigned ​to Biomed VO supportIt should clearly state the expected decommissioning date. 
-    *  The expected decommissioning date should clearly appear in the ticket. +  *  ​Actions ​on VO adminssend a mail to
-    *  Notify the concerned site of this ticket (field "​Notify site"​):​ this field only appears on existing team tickets, not on the team ticket creation form. So you have to first submit the ticket, then modify the "​Notify Site" field+
-  *  ​Ask the site admin to forbid lcg-cr writes from now on, using the email template below. To find the email address of the site administrator,​ do as follow: +
-    *  On the [[https://​​portal/​index.php|GOCDB]],​ search for the SE hostname (search box). +
-    *  In the results table, click the View link in the Action column; +
-    *  Then click on the site name (Parent Site information)). +
-    *  The admin email is provided in the contact table. +
-  *  **while (decomisioning deadline is not passed)** +
-    *  Get the list of LFNs and DNs having SURLs stored on this SE using [[Biomed-Shifts:​LFCBrowseSE | LFCBrowseSE]]:​ ''​LFCBrowseSE se-hostname.domain --vo biomed --lfn --dn --size --summary''​ +
-    *  Put a link or attach this list in the ticket +
-    *  Notify the concerned ​users by email, and attach the list of files. +
-    *  **If** a user does not answer **or** doesn'​t need his/her files anymore **then** remove all the corresponding entries from the LFC (using lcg-ra <​guid>​ <​lfn>​) +
-  *  **end while** +
-  *  Once the decommissioning date is passed and the decommissioning is confirmed by the site: +
-    *  make sure that the SE is no longer published in the BDII as supporting biomed, +
-    *  contact the Biomed SAM team (BIOMED-SAMBOX-L [at] in2p3 [dot] fr) that maintains the biomed Nagios box, and ask to remove the SE from the list of resources monitored by Nagios. +
-    *  Send the list of files of biomed users to the LFC administrator to remove the entries from the catalog: dbouvet [at] in2p3 [dot] fr+
 ===== Email template for user notification ===== ===== Email template for user notification =====
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 <​callout>​ <​callout>​
-Dear biomed user,+Dear Biomed users,
-You have <text type="​danger">​XXX</​text> ​files on SE <text type="danger">YYY</​text>​ which will be decommissioned ​by <text type="​danger">​X</​text>​.+we've received notice that the SE <text type="​danger">​SEName</​text> ​(hosted by site <text type="siteName">SSS</​text>​), which is used by Biomed, ​will be decommissioned ​on <text type="​danger">​date</​text>​. ​
-We have to move these files away or remove all the corresponding entries from the LFC (using lcg-ra ​<guid> <lfn>)  in case you no longer need the data. Please don't hesitate to contact us (biomed-technical-support [AT] googlegroups [DOT] com) in case you have any questions or if you experience difficulties in this process.+This is tracked through ​the following ticket: 
 +<text type="​danger"​>GGUS link</text>
-The list of the corresponding ​files is attached/available <text type="​danger">​HERE</​text>​+If you have files on this SE, please consider checking quickly whether they have replicas somewhere else, or whether you should get/replicate them to avoid any data loss.
-Also, note that it is **not** recommended to try to move many files in parallel: due to scalability issues of the SE, only a limited number ​of concurrent connections can be initiated.+You can find relevant LFNs using 
 +dirac-dms-find-lfns --SE=[SE name] Path=/ 
 +dirac-dms-replica-metadata fileContainingLFNs SE 
 +should return available replicas ​of individual files. 
 +Kind Regards 
 +<text type="​danger">​Name</​text>​ for Biomed support
-Thanks in advance,\\ 
-The biomed technical team on shift. 
 </​callout>​ </​callout>​
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