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Dump of biomed files of SE SE hostname


Dear site administrator,

SE SE hostname is almost full now and we are not able to retrieve the list of files of biomed users remotely. Could you please provide us with a dump of all files on the SE belonging to biomed users, along with the last modification date?

This will allow us to clean-up dark data and ensure sync with our LFC.

Our tools are based on the experience we had with other sites, and support 2 types of dump:

  • one line per directory, the directory is relative to the physical root and starts with “./”, then one line for each file within the directory, for instance:
-rw-rwx---+ 1 storm storm 232381 Mar 5 15:18 1425565082015_b8fad9d2-d36d
  • one line per file, for instance:
1889 Nov 15 2011 293a2edb-8c/tmp/132135307686717f186b3bc48.tar

If you can provide a dump in one of those formats or rather close, that would be very helpful. In any case we need the last modification date in order to not remove recent files (as a safeguard).

Thanks in advance, The biomed technical team.

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