Biomed shift takeover phone conference

Date: March 10th 2014, by mail


  • Arad Alper (IsraGrid)
  • Patrick Guterl (CNRS IPHC)
  • Jerome Pansanel (CNRS IPHC)

Next conference: March 17th 2014, 10h00.

Remind about best practices:

  • Start by following up on open tickets and verifying solved tickets, before submitting new ones.
  • Before submitting a ticket verify that:
    • Another ticket does not already exist for the same problem
    • The resource is not in downtime and is in production status ⇒ you can use the brand new VAPOR portal to do so
    • The alarm can be reproduced manually
  • For CEs: ignore the alarms in the cases described here.

Patrick could not start the shift on Monday, due to an issue with the VOMS server. 4 tickets have been closed. Only few tickets remain open.

Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

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