show-se-space computes the SE data provided by lcg-infosites to allow for sorting the result by column, and calculate the sum of each column: available, used and total space (in GB), and percentage of used space.

Download the project from the VO support tools page.

Define variable VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS to like:

export VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS=/home/fmichel/biomed-support-tools

The tool can be executed on any well configured gLite UI, it does not require any proxy certificate. The lcg-infosites command must be reachable in the path.


$VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS/SE/shwow-se-space/ [-h|--help]
$VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS/SE/shwow-se-space/ [--vo|<VO>] [--sort <sort type>]
             [--reverse] [--max|<nblines>] [--multiples] [--no-sum] [--no-header]
  --vo <VO> the Virtual Organisation to query. Defaults to biomed.
  -s, --sort {name | avail | used | total | %used}: sort output by hostname, available space,
      used space, total space, or %age of used space. Defaults to name
  --r, --reverse: sort in reverse order
  -m, --max <nblines> display only the given number of lines
  --multiples: display only multiple entries of the same SE
  --no-header: do not display header lines
  --no-sum: do not calculate the final sum of each column
  -h, --help: display this help


This tool is developed at CNRS I3S.

1. Get all biomed SEs sorted by hostname

$ $VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS/SE/shwow-se-space/

2. Get all biomed SEs sorted by % of used space in reverse order

$ $VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS/SE/shwow-se-space/ --sort --reverse %used

3. Get the top 10 of the free SEs supporting VO vlemed with no final sum

$ $VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS/SE/shwow-se-space/ --vo vlemed --sort avail --reverse --max 10 --no-sum
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