The VO Support Tools is the name of the development project where several tools and scripts have been developed for the purpose of biomed first, but that are also reusable by any other VO.

Note that LFCBrowseSE is provided as part of the project but is developed separately by the University of Valencia.

The last stable version of the project is available from github: web interface, or git repository:


You are welcome to join and contribute!

Define variable $VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS to the root directory of tools, e.g.:

export VO_SUPPORT_TOOLS=/home/fmichel/biomed-support-tools

The project can be used on any well configured gLite UI. Some tools require a valid certificate.


LFCBrowseSE can list the files and the amount of storage used by users on a particular SE (useful for data migration in case of full SE). It also supports the replication of the files that are stored on the affected SE.


cleanup-se searches for Dark Data and Lost Files on a storage element, and then removes the Dark Data files. It consists of a CLI part that contains the core functions, and a webapp part that provides reports on the cleanup actions executed (embedded in VAPOR).


cleanup-se-storm is derived from tool cleanup-se and applicable to StoRM storage elements.


show-se-space computes the SE data provided by “lcg-infosites space” to allow for sorting the result by column, and calculate the sum of each column: available, used and total space (in GB), and percentage of used space.


scan-se checks the list of most loaded SEs (over a given rate e.g. 80%) and for those SEs use the LFCBrowseSE to list users with more than a given size (currently 100 MB). The tools also provides an email template to be used by shifters to apply the full SE procedure.
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